Terms & Conditions

KelanC Products a Minnesota Company, hereby warrants all machinery
described in this invoice for a period of one year from the time of shipment of said machine.
Defective parts will be repaired or replaced at no charge during warranty period FOB Blaine, MN.

No warranty is provided for machinery and / or equipment which Is not operated under normal
conditions consistent with their design, or intended use. All warranties provided herein by KelanC
Products are strictly limited to only the repair or replacement of machine parts as fore stated, and
in no event shall we be liable on account of other special, incidental, or consequential damages by
reason of any breach of warranty or defect in material or workmanship of the machines and parts
to which warranty applies.

KelanC Products will not be responsible for the repair or replacement of items which have been
subject to neglect, improper use or accident, or which have been altered by anyone other than
KelanC Products or its agent. In no event shall we be liable for damages or injury by use of equipment.

All warranties herein provided by KelanC Products are limited warranties only, and no
additional warranty is expressed or implied.

The terms, conditions, and specifications herein are not subject to modification, except in writing
agreed to by seller.

The machinery and or equipment described in the Purchase Agreement/Invoice may or may not
conform to local electrical codes, NEMA, or JIC standards. All localities can set their own rules. If
such conformity is required, the Purchaser is to bear the cost of all such modifications, labor and

CANCELLATION: A) A request from Purchaser to cancel all or any part of any order will be accepted
by KelanC Products within 24 hours (or the end of the next business day if order is placed on Friday)
of the order.  All work will be stopped, any expense incurred by KelanC Products along with a 15%
restocking fee will be deducted from any monies deposited by Purchaser. B) This order is not subject
to cancellation if KelanC Products is unable to make delivery as scheduled due to strikes, acts of
violence, floods, embargoes, shipper delays or other reasons beyond its control, unless specifically
agreed to in writing

It is the operators duty to use laser machines with proper safety precautions.  If a user is injured while
using these machines KelanC Products cannot be held liable.  Use of machines is at your own risk.

Damages and Claims: Claims for damages and or shortages, as well as rejects for defects, must be
made in writing within a maximum of 5 days after receipt of shipment, except for transportation
damages or loss, which must be reported at once to delivering carrier and to seller.

If legal action is required in order to collect any outstanding balances, any and all reasonable fees
will be added to the outstanding balance.