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WARNING: Do not buy a Laser machine from sellers who do not have a USA agent with FDA papers.  Their FDA registration is not valid without an agent who is a permanent resident of the USA.  Customs will confiscate upon entry as it is not legal to import without valid FDA registration. Class 3 lasers and higher require FDA approval or it is illegal to purchase or use them. FDA has control of all lasers within the USA not just lasers relating to food and drug. All lasers we sell have FDA documents and are legal to use in the USA.  Contact us for more information.

 200 Watt Yag Jewelry Laser Welder

Brand new machine with 1 year Manufacturers Warranty


Mainly used for gold and silver jewelry to fill holes and welding slag.  Machine has a wide application of uses and highly efficient

1.Laser spot welding is one of  laser welding technology application\\\'s most important aspects, spot welding process is heat conduction, the laser radiation heats the surface driven by the internal diffusion and heat transfer by controlling the laser pulse width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency and other parameters,so that the piece melts and forms a specific pool.

2.Laser spot welding machine has the character of high speed, high efficiency, depth, non-deformation quality ,and thermal impact on small area . High quality welding, weld formation, spot clean, efficient and environmentally friendly, without solder wire and so on.

3.The machine is mainly used for gold and silver ornaments of the fill hole and the spot trachoma, widely used in spot welding of  micro precision parts, such as jewelry,batteries, IC lead, watch springs, tubes, electron gun assembly, and other areas.

Technical Specs:

 Maximum average power


Laser wavelength


Max Pulse energy


Laser welding depth


The pulse width


Batter, laser welding frequency


Adjustable range of spot size


Control system

Industrial computer

Machine Power consumption

          ≤5.5 k w

The demand for electricity


System components and environmental system components

Host computer, Cold water tank


Xenon lamp, filter, protection lens, argon gas

Installation environment

Installation Location: 4 square meters.


clean, no dust or less dust


55℉  (13)      to 82(28)


5% to 75%non-condensing.


220V 60HZ Alternating current,30A breaker recommended

Machine will ship right from the factory and will arrive to your location in approximately 5 weeks.  Freight price listed is all inclusive of all delivery fees including customs charges. Air freight is available if needed quicker.

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200 Watt Yag Laser welder commonly used in Jewelry and Dental welding

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