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WARNING: Do not buy a Laser machine from sellers who do not have a USA agent with FDA papers.  Their FDA registration is not valid without an agent who is a permanent resident of the USA.  Customs will confiscate upon entry as it is not legal to import without valid FDA registration. Class 3 lasers and higher require FDA approval or it is illegal to purchase or use them. FDA has control of all lasers within the USA not just lasers relating to food and drug. All lasers we sell have FDA documents and are legal to use in the USA.  Contact us for more information.

200 Watt Laser welding machine

Brand new machine with 2 year Manufacturers Warranty

KCA-W200z Automatic laser welding machine which mainly adopts computer programming of all 3 axis; It can complete automatic or semi-automatic spot welding, butt welding, overlapping welding and sealing welding as well as accomplish welding of complex plane and straight line, arc and arbitrary tracks. Automatic laser welding machine uses high energy impulse laser to weld the material. Through laser power discharges to Xe lamp impulse to form light wave. The light wave radiates to Nd3+: YAG crystal issued pulse laser of the 1064 nm through resonance; After expanding, reflecting and focusing,it can weld the materials. 

The max welding frequency of laser welder is 50-100Hz, linear speed reaches 18mm/s, the welding efficiency and the quality of weld seam have greatly improved; it can be equipped with four-dimensional ball screw table, and uses imported servo control system with revolving workable; weld cylindrical objects and other shape objects; the application scope is broad, high precision, high speed, the current waveform can be adjusted at will



Application: Plastic mold, forging die, stamping mold, die-casting mold and so on. Widely used in mobile phone, digital product, automobile, motorcycle mold making and molding industry. Laser mold welding machine uses the high energy of heat that is instantaneously produced by laser to melt the special-purpose welding wire and connect it with the damaged parts of the mold so it can connect with the original material firmly.

Product Highlights
Laser control system: Mold welder is under the control of double closed loop inside an improved industrial controlling micro-computer so the stability and the running ability surpass products that controlled by monolithic integrated circuit. The laser controlling system can control the power source profile precisely. Gas protecting system: synchronous argon protecting system controlled by micro-computer performs better, it makes the welding connection even firmer and better looking. Being controlled to keep synchronous transmission with laser can save the argon at the highest level. Observing system: Its equipped with CCD camera observing system with crosshair. It has high speed electron fitting device to protect the operators eyes from being hurt.

Parameters Name                            Parameters Datas
Max. laser average power                    200W
Laser peak value power                        5KW
Laser wave length                               1064nm
Max.single pulse energy                       75J
Pulse width                                         0.3-20ms
Welding frequency                               0.5-100HZ
Cooling Mode                                       Water-cooling
Welding Spot size                               0.2-2mm
Welding depth                                     0.1-3.5mm
Laser welding wire                               0.2-0.8mm
Positioning                                          CCD (Microscope Optional)
Max. welding position                           500mm x 1000mm (customizable)
Laser working area                               200mm x 200mm x 300mm (customizable)
Laser control mode                               Electromotion
Power consumpted                               ≤11KW
Electrical demand                                220V±10% / 60Hz / 30A breaker recommended
Usage environment                              Clean,no shaking,Temperature 13 c -28 c, humidity 5% -75%


Machine will ship right from the factory and will arrive to your location in approximately 5-6 weeks.  Air freight is available if needed quicker.


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200 watt Automatic Laser Welding machine brand new with warranty

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